The condition of children’s organism depends largely on the fact that a child eats. Parents should correctly organize the diet of their children. Kids’ food is not only a theme of healthy lifestyle, but also the problem connected with many psychological and behavioral components.

A healthy diet consists of a combination of products of animal and vegetable origin. The monotony of the food is not helpful. Strictly vegetarian food, high-calorie food (a lot of fat, protein), milk diet cause a shortage in the body of important nutrients, trace elements, vitamins, amino acids, and fatty acids. Teach the child to eat at least a small portion of each dish. It is also vitally important to enrich kids’ diet with

Aloe vera is an irreplaceable ingredient of kids’ diet. You can hardly find any other product containing so many useful nutrients as this medicinal plant does. Thus, aloe vera is a source of:

  • amino acids
  • mono – and polysaccharides
  • micro – and ultra-trace elements
  • vitamins (e.g. vitamin B)
  • enzymes
  • vegetable fatty acids

This list is sure to be incomplete. Aloe vera juice in known to stimulate the intestines. It helps with the discomfort and pain caused by stomach problems. Aloe vera promotes healthy digestion. As a result, the nutrients contained in the foods we eat are absorbed very quickly. Aloe муку is a good option for improving metabolism and the immunity system. Kids especially need them in winter.

What juice is the best for children?

For older children the most useful drinks are juices, especially those that are made from fresh fruits and vegetables. However, those, which are sold in the shops with special icon «for the children» are also safe for health. They also contain necessary vitamins. To choose correctly a juice, you need to take into account the fact, what age it is recommended.

The market offers fresh juices and reconstructed, which practically do not differ in their values, as well as nectars and fruit juice drinks, consisting of juice, water, honey, citric acid and other vitamins, produced by artificial means. Benefits of such products for a child’s body are small.

The best juices for children are pumpkin juices, containing pectin substances, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, vitamins C, B1, B2, B6, E, carrot, which contains virtually the same set of microelements and beta-carotene; banana, in which there is a large amount of folic acid and dietary fiber; Apple and pear, containing vitamins C, P, salt, calcium, iron, and copper.

These juices can be used as supplementary feeding after 6 months, as they practically do not cause allergic reactions.

So, there is a great choice of healthy kids drinks. Many parents may ask how to make children drink aloe vera juice. In fact, if you kid can’t bare the taste of the plant, you can prepare very delicious kids drinks with aloe vera juice

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