Aloe vera is a well-known plant that has a powerful anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antifungal action, it is a natural antibiotic. The most valuable thing in this plant is the extract derived from the leaves of this plant of the family Liliaceae. The plant grows in arid regions of Africa, Asia, Hawaii, Florida and southern California.

In the form of the extract it is used in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industry. To understand the working principle of aloe, it is important to understand the biological value of the plants which is so-called «medicine» thick translucent jelly.

Medicinal substance of this plant is in the form from juice, concluded in the cells at the bottom of the rough outer skin of the plant. It contains resins, anthraquinones and anthraglycosides. Crystal anthraglycosides in the extract of aloe vera are called aloin. It’s a yellow substance with a bitter taste, which has been used as a laxative for centuries.

The main ingredient of aloin is barbaloin. The properties of aloe are cleaning, homeostatic, nutritious, immunomodulating, anti-inflammatory and regenerating. They contribute to the restoration and normalization of life and the proper functioning of the organism as a whole. We all know about the numerous benefits of this succulent.

For example, it has a soothing and moisturizing effect on the skin, has antioxidant and regenerating properties, as well as antimicrobial and antiseptic. Thus the product is used in the manufacture of creams and lotions for skin and hair care products, products for shaving. This plant is known for treating burns and bites. But many people do not know that eating aloe vera is also possible.

In this article we will focus our attention how we can eat this plant. It is sure that most of the readers of this article have never tried to do it. But even those who tried, may come to conclusion that that its taste is terrible. Of course, they are right but it’s better never to try eating it raw. So, at first you should cut a leaf and chop it to get the translucent part.

Take away all green skin so that only the translucent part remains. This part can be eaten. Then put it in some cranberry juice or nay other juice you like. It will help to eliminate its terrible bitter taste the plant has. Then you need just drink this juice including aloe vera. It’s bad taste will disappear.

Why should people eat this succulent?

In fact, eating aloe vera is considered very healthy. People in many Asian countries eat it all the time. The main reason for this is the fact that it helps increase human beings’ resistance to many diseases. It is full of antibiotics that fight different infections.

Eating this incredible plant can be compared with a walk in the park. You can do it daily to strengthen your immune system and to get different vitamins and minerals. It makes your body healthier and get it free from toxins and wastes.

It is safe to eat aloe but you’d better consume it moderately. If you overdo it will cause watery stool because of its laxative effect. Overdose can also lead to imbalances and dehydration. One of the benefits of aloe but its disadvantage as well is its ability to lower blood pressure. Hypertensive people have to be careful.

Sometimes plant causes allergy, irritation and rashes. Pregnant women are strictly contraindicated to eat this plant, as it can provoke diarrhea. At this time, as well as in the period of breastfeeding, you need to use aloe juice after consultation with a physician.