Botanical facts

Aloe vera plant is known as “the Plant of first aid”, “Combustion plant”, “Medicinal plants”, and “Miraculous plant. Its botanical name is aloe barbandesis.

In general, aloe have more than two hundred species growing on the territories of Africa, Asia, Europe and the American continents. The appearance of aloe vera resembles a cactus, but in reality it belongs to the family of lilies (Liliaceae).

Plants differ in solid longitudinal leaves with sharp spikes-thorns and shiny skin. These leaves grow in the form of rosettes, sometimes reaching 75 cm in length and weight 1,2 kg. The color of the leaves is diverse, from gray to bright green.

Aloe Vera blooms in early spring with yellow and red flowers on a stalk without leaves. The plant has a unique ability to close the pores on the surface, thus preventing the evaporation of water. These plants are able to survive long periods of drought. It contains a chemical almost instantly healing its wounds, so that the plant doesn’t lose water. When the wound is covered, the plant begins to grow in the other direction.

Aloe vera history

For ages aloe has been widely used in many cultures, thanks to its beneficial properties and effectiveness in healing burns and wounds, facilitating a different kind of pain, treatment of a number of external and internal disorders. Historical evidence of the ancient Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, Algerians, Moroccans, Tunisians, Arabs, Indians and Chinese give us information how this plant was used for medical and cosmetic purposes.

The first record about the aloe vera is 2100 BC

No one can exactly say when the healing power of this plant was discovered. However, one of the earliest mentions of aloe for medical purposes was found on the Sumerian clay plate, Dating from 2100 BC. Due to its miraculous healing aloe became a legend. Many civilizations and cultures honored this plant, attributing to it the almost divine origin.

There are well-documented and undeniable evidence that was found in such disparate areas as southern Europe, Asia, Northern Africa, Northern and South America, the Far East.

Ancient Egypt

One of the earliest and most detailed information about aloe was found in ancient Egyptian papyrus Hebert, dating to 1550 B.C. In this ancient document (the original is now stored at the University of Leipzig in Germany) it is reported that aloe had many healing properties, was used everywhere.

  • Ancient Mesopotamia
  • The inhabitants of Ancient Mesopotamia used this plant to ward off evil spirits from their homes.
  • Arabic name of aloe vera – «Lily of the dessert»

Aloe Vera came to Persia and India in 600 BC – probably it was brought by Arabian merchants. The Arabs, who called this plant «Lily of the desert», used it in the treatment of many external and internal diseases.

Aloe vera action

The plant possesses the following actions – laxative, jelchegonnoe, tonic, softening, hemostatic, sedative, anthelmintic; healing.

  • This is a natural purifier.
  • Penetrates the tissues.

Acts as a pain reliever in this area where applied directly. Reduces pain deep below the surface, including muscle and joint pain.

  • Kills viruses with high concentrations for a long time.
  • Kills the fungal culture in the same conditions.
  • Reduces bleeding time.
  • Antipyretic – reduces the temperature and heat at the wounds.
  • Anti-inflammatory agent; acts similar to steroids.
  • Stops the itching.
  • Contains a variety of vitamins, minerals and sugar.
  • Accelerates the growth of cells, reducing the regenerative phase of the treatment.


The liver performs one of the most important functions – destruction of toxic elements and dangerous for the organism connections from the bloodstream and their withdrawal from the organism.

Due to the fact that the liver is continuously exposed to toxins, its performance deteriorates over time. As a result, you feel constant fatigue and weakness. In order to feel fresh and full of strength arrange, “give your liver a rest”!

At least once a year to conduct special unloading follow a diet combining it with aloe vera juice for the activation of metabolic processes in the cells of the liver. Such a ration will be useful for the whole body, and at the same time it will have a wonderful impact on your appearance and well-being.

Aloe vera for liver

Aloe vera juice for our liver is:

  • an incredible remedy for disorders of the liver. You can also drink it to prevent liver cirrhosis;
  • Its strong choleretic effect gives a chance for cleaning up the gall bladder and bile ducts of the liver;
  • aloe vera is known for its antibacterial and antifungal functions which allow you to neutralize the toxic contaminated by bacteria;
  • phosphatase enzyme are necessary for the regulation of the functions of the liver;
  • dissolves stones in the gall bladder (Urata lime), which are formed as a result of mixing toxic bile with cow’s milk.

So we need use aloe vera juice for liver, which is a fantastic remedy for disorders of the liver. This medicinal liquid has a choleretic effect and cleansing properties. Aloe vera juice includes lots of enzymes, simple sugars and polysaccharides. It is proved that different components of this liquid help in disorders of digestive system, as well as reduce the levels of cholesterol.

Product for your healthy liver

The main products for this diet are fruit, vegetables and whole grains. Each meal should include, at least, one fresh fruit or vegetable. Make sure that in your diet there are plenty of sources of fiber, which helps to clean the organism.

Nuts, beans and fish with low mercury content are also suitable for this diet. Meat and poultry are not prohibited, but these products do not need to be cooked at high heat, because in the process of frying they release hazardous chemical elements. As for drinks during the whole period of the diet you need to drink at least four- five cups of hot green tea a day.

In addition, for the purification of organism doctors often recommend a natural drink, which you can cook by yourself at home, You need 1 beet or 1/3 cup of beet juice, 1 lemon, 1 peeled cucumber,1 apple, and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Skip all the ingredients through a juicer. After that, add the olive oil.

Thoroughly shake it up and drink immediately after cooking – during the contact with the oxygen this cocktail quickly loses its useful qualities. Only one glass of this beverage a day accelerate the process of withdrawal of harmful and toxic substances in the liver and pancreas, and will make your skin and hair glow of health.

After the purification of the body you will feel like being newly born. Low-calorie nature of the diet for cleansing the liver and aloe vera juice will help you get rid of unwanted excess weight and other health problems.


Acid reflux, which is also known as heartburn, is caused when the digestive acid rising up from the stomach into the esophagus. The esophagus is located in the vicinity of the heart in the chest, becomes angry and starts to burn.

There are less well-known symptoms of reflux: flatulence, bloating and even such non-cohesive symptoms like cough, bitter taste in the mouth between meals, problems with swallowing, and breathing. Acid reflux occurs due to the fact that the lower esophageal sphincter may not shut down after a meal, allowing gastric juice up into the esophagus.

These muscles cannot be minimized in some situations, including obesity, rest lying down after a meal, eating just before the meal, the consumption of greasy fried food and overeating. Excess caffeine and alcohol can weaken the lower esophageal sphincter and cause this disease.

Hernia, where the muscles of the diaphragm are visible above the stomach, is another factor of acid reflux. If it happens regularly, this can lead to gastroesophageal disease, which can develop into cancer of the esophagus, if you ignore it.

Treatment of Acid Reflux

However, no cure for acid reflux would lead to total recovery, but the good treatment can bring relief of symptoms of heartburn and will help you manage them better.

  1. Natural cures acid reflux treatment. These natural products are available in a great variety and can be easily bought. Everyone can choose a natural treatment for acid reflux with their preferences, which manages the symptoms of heartburn.
  2. Medication acid reflux treatment. It is recommended to treat this disease with the help of doctor to avoid more complex health conditions that can happen if it is not treated properly. Prescribed medication acid lowers hydrochloric acid in the stomach, which makes digestion more difficult. In addition, a reduction in gastric acid affects the mechanism of protection of the stomach.
  3. Surgery is the last resort for the treatment of heartburn which is advisable if neither dietary changes nor drugs bring relief. However, there is no properly documented evidence of long-term effect of surgical treatment of heartburn, and it still remains very controversial.

Acid Reflux and Aloe Vera Juice

This succulent plant that can be grown in your house is considered as a natural remedy for acid reflux sufferers. It is proven that aloe extract or juice provides a relief. It has a veru useful content. Thus, it includes amino acids, enzymes, minerals, polysaccharides, aloin, sterolins and glucomannan (a kind of sugar). The last one has a wide variety of immune stimulating effects and protects our organism.

As we’ve mentioned distressed lower esophageal sphincter (LES) is responsible for this disease. Aloe with the combination of essential components in its content can heal it soothing the lining of the esophagus. Moreover, it is recommended for better absorption of important food nutrients.

Aloe juice has natural detoxifying properties and cleanses the digestive system. But the main role of aloe vera in acid reflux treatment is the inhibition of the secretion of hydrochloric acid.

This plant has lots of other wonderful properties. For instance it has long been used for minor skin infections, wounds, burns, cysts and even diabetes. Aloe is known for its anti-inflamatory properties and containing natural enhancers for extra support for our immunity.


Aloe vera is a specific kind of aloe, which is widely used for medical and cosmetic purposes. The plant includes galactomannans (acemannan), as well as glucose, mannose, glucuronic acid, lignin. It contains proteins and free amino acids (7 of 8 essential amino acids); organic acids, sterols, vitamins, mineral substances.

The magical healing properties of aloe depend on allantoin, which is contained in the plant. In addition to allantoin, this miracle medicine contains natural antioxidants in the form of vitamins C and E, B vitamins, and beta-carotene, which is converted into vitamin A. All of these nutrients are very important for the health of the skin.

What is aloe vera used for?

For more than three thousand years, it has been used for treatment of wounds, burns, inflammation, exterior and interior of ulcers, for the strengthening of the organism’s resistance to various diseases. Many people are looking for a diet for lowering cholesterol.

Aloe vera and diet

Many nutritionists recommend using aloe as the main product for this diet. This medicinal increases the metabolic processes in tissues, increases the immune resistance of the organism, regulates the level of glucose in the blood, improves microcirculation, reduces the hypoxia of the brain tissue.

Aloe reduces cardiac output, reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood, increases the oxygenation of the heart muscles.

General principles of a diet for lowering cholesterol

– The proportion of total fat in the total energy value of diets should be 30% or less.

– Animal (saturated) fats should make up not more than one-third of the total number of fats in the diet.

– Limitation of daily consumption of cholesterol – up to 300 mg.

– Increase in the use of mono – and polyunsaturated fats from vegetable and marine fish.

– Increase the consumption of carbohydrates, which are found in fresh fruits, cereals and vegetables.

Hypertensive patients and people with excess body weight should reduce the consumption of salt up to 5 g per day or less; limit the use of alcohol and calorie food.

Products, which are recommended in the diet against cholesterol:

Recommended foods to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood should contain little fat and/or a lot of fiber. They should be used as regular a basis of the diet. The exceptions are vegetable oils, which are recommended due to the presence of useful fatty acids, but they should be limited because of the high caloric content.

Grains in the diet: wholemeal bread, porridge flakes, various cereals, pasta, whole grains, brown (dry) rice, dried bread.

Dairy products in the diet: low-fat milk, yogurt and cheese.

Soups in the diet: vegetable.

Fish in the diet: boiled, smoked, fried without the skin fish.

Seafood in the diet: oysters, and scallops.

The meat in the diet: turkey, chicken, veal, game meat, rabbit meat, young mutton. One-two times a week lean beef, pork.

Fats in the diet: polyunsaturated oils (sunflower, corn, peanut); monounsaturated oils (olive oil). «soft» (not hydrogenated) varieties of margarine, which contain a lot of mono – and polyunsaturated fats.

Fruits and vegetables in the diet: all fresh and frozen, especially legumes – fresh and dried beans, beans, lentils, sugar corn, boiled potatoes.

Desserts in the diet: fruit ice-cream, jelly, puddings, fruit salads.

Confectionery products in the diet: caramel candy.

Nuts in the diet: almonds, chestnuts.

Beverages in the diet: tea, fresh vegetable and fruit juices.


Being overweight is an issue for all no matter where they live. Various methods or remedies are therefore tried in order to get rid of the excess fat present on their bodies but no huge effect is observed. What should be the one remedy that can help you lose weight without starving? Aloe Vera juice it is, yes the juice of Aloe Vera is the best remedy that one can try in order to lose your weight. This plant of Aloe Vera is mostly found in dry atmospheric regions specially Africa and Central Asian countries.

It is considered to be the most versatile plant ever known to mankind because it has amazing benefits that one can’t simply imagine. The gel present in its leaves is considered to be its secret because it’s best for skin and hair issues. Although, Aloe Vera is used is many pharmaceuticals too because it is also considered to be good for many health issues.

So, let’s see how Aloe Vera can do wonders when it comes to weight loss.

Aloe Vera Juice weight loss
Aloe Vera plant has a liquid in yellow color in its tubules commonly named as Aloe Vera juice which is quite bitter in taste. However, is best of a remedy to be used for weight loss. The plus point of consuming Aloe Vera juice is that you need not to starve and stay away from everything that you love to eat. Stress of losing weight is minimized because the juice of Aloe Vera makes you weight loss possible in the natural way without any issues.

Now, what are the Benefits of Drinking Aloe Vera Juice?
Aloe Vera juice keeps your body cleanThe anti-oxidants present in Aloe Vera plant help in keeping your body away from free radicals. However, following properties of Aloe Vera plant will help you in your weight loss.

It is a laxative- Aloe Vera keeps you away from issues of stomach like constipation and keeps it healthy and active and helps your large intestine a lot.

It increases metabolism rate- With the regular consumption of Aloe Vera juice the metabolism rate in your body is increased tremendously which result in helping your out in losing weight.

It removes toxins from your body- Aloe Vera benefits your digestive system as a whole and cleanses your body from any kind of toxins which will help in losing weight too.

Following are some of the Best Ways of Consuming Aloe Vera Juice:

Here is how you can make Aloe Vera juice for losing your weight. These are some simple steps to follow.

  • First of all, take a few leaves of Aloe Vera for making its juice.
  • Wash the leaves well and remove the upper part of the leave.
  • Then grind it so that the juice is extracted.
  • Now filter the juice and keep it in the refrigerator.
  • Consume a teaspoon of this juice daily 10-15 minutes before taking your meal.
  • You can add honey to it if you can’t bear the bitterness of it.
  • Take this juice daily for at least two weeks.

Complete the course and you will witness a good change in your physical appearance.

The question which most of us have in mind is that how much you should drink the Aloe Vera juice? That how much amount of Aloe Vera juice will help you in obtaining your desired weight? Well, it’s not just the amount of Aloe Vera juice but the product or brand you are using also affect the results. The procedure and directions of consuming the juice differentiate from product to product so read them carefully and do as directed.

However, the recommended amount is two to eight ounces of Aloe Vera juice per day for getting maximum benefits and desired results. Three months are said to be the duration to witness the change in you. Although it is highly suggested to take an advice from doctor or a health expert so that you can get to know the proper consumption for yourself which you are in need of. It will minimize the troubles or risks that you can face win the future.


A vegan diet is the most severe of all types of vegetarian diets. All products of animal origin is strictly prohibited. It does not only mean the consumption of meat, eggs, milk, fish and seafood.

To obtain a sufficient amount of nutrients a vegan diet should be well balanced, include the wide range of vegetables and fruits, legumes as a source of protein and product, activating metabolism.

As sources of the necessary construction material (protein) vegans use nuts and vegetable oils, such as canola, germinated grain wheat and other grains. These products contain useful unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants.

Another important product for vegan diet is aloe vera juice which is high in essential substances (minerals, vitamins, amino acids). Aloe does not only provide our body with useful nutrients but keep people healthy and fit and cope with many disorders.

Fruits and vegetables supply the body with the right amount of vitamins and trace elements. Zinc, for example, is present in potatoes, asparagus, blackberry, peas, cashew nuts and sunflower seeds. Iron is found in avocado, strawberry, taverns, coconut, cabbage.

These and other fruits and vegetables are able to provide daily norm of riboflavin and vitamin B12 (aloe vera juice). Fresh apples and celery are supplier of fiber. The same can be found in bread, pasta and cereals. However, the grains are a small part of a vegan diet, mostly it consists of legumes, nuts and oils.

There are a lot of benefits vegan diet that will improve your health greatly.

Studies have shown that a vegan diet can prevent a lot of diseases.

  1. Cardiovascular diseases. If you eat whole grains and nuts, and at the same time remove dairy products and meat from your diet, you prevent the disease of the cardiovascular system. The British studies showed that a vegan diet significantly reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease.
  2. Cholesterol. If you remove all animal food and «diet» cholesterol from your diet, your heart will tell you thank you!
  3. High blood pressure. A diet rich in whole grain foods has a beneficial effect on your health. In addition, it helps to lower the pressure.
  4. Diabetes of the second type. A vegan diet is a powerful weapon against type 2 diabetes!
  5. Prostate cancer. A large study has shown that as soon as the man with the initial stage of prostate cancer take up a vegan ration cancer will cease to progress.
  6. Colon cancer. If your ration consists of aloe vera juice, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, the risk of you have colon cancer is significantly reduced.
  7. Breast cancer. The statistics show that in countries where women eat little meat and animal products, the incidence of breast cancer is much lower.
  8. Disease of the retina (macular degeneration). A diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, especially leafy greens, carrots, pumpkin, yams, can prevent age-related macular degeneration.
  9. Cataracts It is considered that the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as aloe vera rich in antioxidants, may prevent the formation of cataracts.
  10. Arthritis. For a long time doctors have considered that the exclusion of dairy products from the diet helps to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis. But new research has shown that a vegan diet in combination with gluten free products substantially improves the health of people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.
  11. Osteoporosis. Bone health depends on the amount of consumed protein, adequate intake of calcium, consumption of large quantities of potassium and a low amount of sodium. If you stick to a healthy vegan ration, these 4 component will perfectly prevent osteoporosis!
  12. Vitamin E. This vitamin is useful for your skin, eyes, brain and heart, it can even help prevent Alzheimer’s disease. A diet with a high content of grains, nuts and aloe vera is rich in vitamin E.
  13. Phytochemistry of the substance. Vegetable food supplies our body with substances that help prevent and heal the body from cancer, activate protective enzymes (biocatalysts), and act as powerful antioxidants in your body.
  14. Proteins. It is not a secret, that protein is useful for our body. Also, everyone knows that Americans consume a lot of protein eating red meat. Red meat is not the best source of protein. Beans, peas, nuts, lentils, soy is a perfect source of protein for vegans.


Hypertension is a disease, whose main feature is an increased arterial blood pressure. The main cause of hypertension is a high voltage of the walls of the small arteries of the body, resulting in a narrowing them and, consequently, decreasing its clearance. As a result it is difficult for our blood to move from one area of the vascular system to another one.

Recommendations for healthy eating for high blood pressure

The main recommendation for those who are eager to cope with hypertension is a healthy diet. The right diet can prevent from the development of the disease because the right kind of food can serve as an excellent remedy.

Aloe vera for hypertension

In case you are eager to lower high blood pressure or to improve the blood circulation in general, products containing aloe vere is a good opportunity for you. This plant is rich in substances, which reduce harmful cholesterol and, on the contrary, increase the amount of good cholesterol in the body.

There were some studies; they found out that the disappearance of the symptoms and signs of hypertension happened after adding aloe products to the diet of the patients. The researchers also learnt that aloe lets the patient not take prescribed earlier medicines for high pressure, chest pain and reducing sugar in the blood.

How does aloe vera help?

In the case of clogging heart arteries, the blood circulation is limited, the blood flow becomes more and more clogged. The more physical load you have, the greater amount of oxygen you need for the heart muscle. The heart gradually weakens and it may even stop. When the heart muscle stops working, a heart attack may happen to a person. Aloe reduces the density of red blood cells and doesn’t let clots appear. It also helps people with other health disorders.

Tips how to lower blood pressure

  1. Cut down salt in your diet. If you are forty and you have high blood pressure at least once in a year, you are advised to stop eating salt. To start reduce salt consumption to a minimum, and then avoid it completely. The quantity of the salt, contained in bread, vegetables, cereals, other products, is enough for normal functioning of the organism.
  2. Have enough sleep. Good sleep is the pledge of the normalization of blood pressure.
  3. In hypertension it is recommended to have a fresh berries honeysuckle; the quantity of berries is not limited.
  4. Jam and broth of dried fruits of black currants can be consumed in the form of tea. It is also recommended to have a fresh onion.
  5. A good means is valerian: grind valerian roots. Take two grams of these powder three times a day.
  6. Do not eat before bedtime, as the digestive gland needs 6-10-hour rest, mainly during the sleep period. The strengthened function of the gastro-intestinal tract requires enhanced blood flow and, consequently, intensive work of cardiovascular system.

If you eat late, in the period of sleep the load on the cardiovascular system is not reduced, as usual. So the food should be taken 4-5 times a day so that breakfast before work contain up to 30% of the quantity of food.

  1. Control the consumption of meat in your diet. Animal proteins contain some amino acids that are not found in other plants. For example, tyrosine. On its basis, the body produces hormones that raise blood pressure: thyroxin – in the thyroid, adrenaline and noradrenaline are produced in the adrenal glands.


Useful properties of fruit are undeniable. That’s why parents always treat their children with fruits, the repositories of vitamins and useful substances. Is this kind of a diet really good got weight loss?

It is difficult to find a person who would be indifferent to fruit, because these juicy various gifts of nature have a pleasant taste, give health, but at the same time are able to satisfy hunger and quench thirst.

Fruit diet for weight loss has a double effect on the body. First of all, it nourishes us with vitamins and useful substances, which are necessary for normal human life. Secondly, it is known for the purification of the body and removal of the slag and toxins.

In general, fruit diet makes a special emphasis on the cleansing effect, but, all the same, gives the opportunity to get rid of from five to seven overweight pounds.

How to improve fruitarian diet?

Though fruits have more than enough they can’t satisfy all the requirements of our body. It can explain why nutritionists don’t recommend to follow fruitarian ration for a long time. But you can avoid all the consequences adding aloe vera juice to this ration. This beverage is low in calories but rich in useful nutrients. Moreover. Its laxative effect helps to lose weight.

Fruit diet and aloe vera

Aloe Vera is one of the most popular medicinal plants known from ancient times. Most of the leaves are filled with jelly pulp, which 99% consists of water. The remained 1% contains at least seventy-five known nutrients, including twenty minerals, twelve vitamins, eighteen amino acids, and 200 active compounds called phytonutrients. This drink is high in vitamins, and folic acid. Aloe Vera is one of the few plants in the world, which containe vitamin B12.

The minerals included in its composition are calcium, sodium, iron and potassium, copper and zinc, manganese and magnesium, chromium. All these element not only support our immunity during the diet but make our skin and hair healthy.

Other tips for fruitarian diet

The charm of fruitarian ration is that you can eat any fruits in unlimited quantities, excluding bananas and grapes. However, it is worth being cautious with allergens. For example, the abuse of citrus is not only capable of causing an allergic reaction, but also have a negative impact on your stomach.

The best time for such a diet is summer and autumn time, it is the time of harvest, when ripe fruits and vegatebles are cheap and are present in abundance everywhere.

Fruitarian diet with aloe vera for 3 days

The first day. For breakfast you can eat any fruit (except bananas), drink a glass of aloe vera juice. Fruit salad with low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese for lunch. A glass of juice and a fruit dessert in the form of a salad for dinner.

The second day. Oatmeal with dried fruit, a glass of aloe juice. Vegetable salad, seasoned with vegetable oil for lunch. A glass of cold water. 2 fruit (preferably grapefruits) and boiled vegetables (except beans).

The third day. The average plate of fruits (except bananas, figs and dates), one glass of aloe juice. Dinner includes vegetable salad (excluding potatoes) and a glass of cold water. Vegetable soup-puree for dinner.

The three-day diet cannot be used more than once in a month. It perfectly cleans the body, improves metabolism and adds vitamins.


What kind of food causes acne? What is the best diet for acne? What are the best acne products?

Diseases of the stomach and intestines can cause acne. Following the diet and balanced nutrition to maintain the health of the digestive system, you will provide health of the skin of the face. So, indirectly, but there is a connection “diet – acne”.

Acne diet is fruit, rice, lean meats. It should include fresh fish, including fat, containing omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. However, diet for acne exclude sugar and a large quantity of bread (including, in the form of sandwiches and chips.)

Aloe vera for acne diet

We take a shower regularly. But we also should care about it from the inside? But cleaning of the organism from the inside is no less important. How to do this? Aloe is the perfect tool for soft cleaning of the digestive system and getting rid of acne.

This pleasant refreshing drink provides the body with moisture, promotes the restoration of metabolism, cleanses the stomach and intestines from slags and toxins.

This refreshing drink has a lot of valuable substances in one glass.

Refreshing tonic Aloe improves health, energizes, and gives a feeling of strength. Increased efficiency and endurance, arises a pleasant feeling of lightness and freshness.

Balanced and healthy ration

Therefore, diet for acne should mainly consist of lean meat, fish, cottage cheese. The garnish is cereals and vegetables cooked by steaming. And, of course, fruits!

Healthy natural food supply in the body of essential vitamins and microelements. In the prevention of acne, as well as in the treatment of acne special attention should be paid to phosphorus, potassium, calcium, zinc, vitamins A, C and b groups. Phosphorus in abundance is found in fish, calcium – in cheese and cottage cheese, potassium – in the cabbage and many dried fruits (dried apricots, raisins, prunes).

Vegetables, fruits and berries (including frozen) are excellent suppliers of vitamins. Therefore, one of the rules of proper nutrition case of acne is the daily use of these products, which can be a healthy alternative to sugary cake, cake and sandwiches with smoked sausage. Make your diet healthier, there will be the reasons for health problems.

Other recommendations

  1. Sleep more

Sleep relieves stress and helps your organism and hormonal systems to function normally. Sleep about eight hours every night.

  1. Eat more organic products

These products have anti-inflammatory effect and minimize the accumulation of toxic substances in your body fight free radicals, but also contribute to the strengthening of health and well-being. If you eat protein of animal origin, minimize its consumption: up to one-two times a week.

  1. Reduce the consumption of grocery products.

These products contain chemicals and ingredients that contribute to the formation in the body of toxins and inflammation of the acne.


The condition of children’s organism depends largely on the fact that a child eats. Parents should correctly organize the diet of their children. Kids’ food is not only a theme of healthy lifestyle, but also the problem connected with many psychological and behavioral components.

A healthy diet consists of a combination of products of animal and vegetable origin. The monotony of the food is not helpful. Strictly vegetarian food, high-calorie food (a lot of fat, protein), milk diet cause a shortage in the body of important nutrients, trace elements, vitamins, amino acids, and fatty acids. Teach the child to eat at least a small portion of each dish. It is also vitally important to enrich kids’ diet with

Aloe vera is an irreplaceable ingredient of kids’ diet. You can hardly find any other product containing so many useful nutrients as this medicinal plant does. Thus, aloe vera is a source of:

  • amino acids
  • mono – and polysaccharides
  • micro – and ultra-trace elements
  • vitamins (e.g. vitamin B)
  • enzymes
  • vegetable fatty acids

This list is sure to be incomplete. Aloe vera juice in known to stimulate the intestines. It helps with the discomfort and pain caused by stomach problems. Aloe vera promotes healthy digestion. As a result, the nutrients contained in the foods we eat are absorbed very quickly. Aloe муку is a good option for improving metabolism and the immunity system. Kids especially need them in winter.

What juice is the best for children?

For older children the most useful drinks are juices, especially those that are made from fresh fruits and vegetables. However, those, which are sold in the shops with special icon «for the children» are also safe for health. They also contain necessary vitamins. To choose correctly a juice, you need to take into account the fact, what age it is recommended.

The market offers fresh juices and reconstructed, which practically do not differ in their values, as well as nectars and fruit juice drinks, consisting of juice, water, honey, citric acid and other vitamins, produced by artificial means. Benefits of such products for a child’s body are small.

The best juices for children are pumpkin juices, containing pectin substances, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, vitamins C, B1, B2, B6, E, carrot, which contains virtually the same set of microelements and beta-carotene; banana, in which there is a large amount of folic acid and dietary fiber; Apple and pear, containing vitamins C, P, salt, calcium, iron, and copper.

These juices can be used as supplementary feeding after 6 months, as they practically do not cause allergic reactions.

So, there is a great choice of healthy kids drinks. Many parents may ask how to make children drink aloe vera juice. In fact, if you kid can’t bare the taste of the plant, you can prepare very delicious kids drinks with aloe vera juice